See what is happening to Deadpool Rules after you go to bed at night.

2021-2022 Season CHANGES

  • Paypal option being REMOVED - we can use Cash, Venmo or check to limit fees
  • Administrative fee is being added. A 5% fee will be taken from the final purse to cover expenses - web site hosting, SSL certificate, etc.

December 2019

  • Adding 2019 season
  • Adding different payment options per game/application
  • Cleaning up some display issues
  • Venmo link!!!!!

December 2018

  • Adding in Referrals and Discounts
  • Adding "View Results" button to Pick Em's (to see team past results)
  • Beefing up the NFL Weekly Picks Section

November 2017

  • Adding in sections to better see who won what each season. Full histories baby!
  • College Football (CFP) Deadpool and Weekly Picks are HERE
  • Season Champions sections added
  • Increased Reporting capabilities
  • Added in more spots for favorite teams (per sporting type)

October 2017

  • Busy, busy! Adding in schedules for CFP and NCAA
  • Adding a massive User Summary report - see win totals and percentages over time, per application, etc
  • Adding a WINNERS section so people can see who won and when

September 2017

  • Adding in an All Users Summary section. See who the best pickers are for all time

  • Adding in historical win-loss for all Deadpool categories (Pick ‘Em, Weekly Picks, Pre-Season Pick ‘Em, Pre-Season Weekly Picks and Soothsayer Picks)

  • Finishing off NEW design and layout

April 2017

  • Yes! We've been doing some things. NEW DESIGN. Let me know what you think

  • Also, we have added on new Nostradamus categories. You wanna guess who the winner of the World Series, Stanley Cup, NCAA Tournament and other major events are going to end. Do it here!

October 2016

  • Wow, it's been awhile! We are adding in a basketball part of the game to go along with March Madness. Help me test this thing out!

September 2015

  • Anywhere you have a team selection and the team logs are visible, you can click on the logo to pick your team instead of choosing from the dropdown!

April 2015

  • Adding in the 2015 NFL Schedule - Regular Season and Pre-Season

September 2014

  • Adding in a Weekly Report for the End of Each Week under every Game option
  • Adding in a Season Schedule report by Week
  • Adding in End of the Week reports for the Commissioner notes
  • Updating stats and reports

August 2014

  • Adding in Pre-Season Games - for weekly and per game play. However, there is NO KNOCKOUT round here
  • Adding in Favorite Team and State entries for users
  • Adding in Game of the Week and Super Bowl Picks for league play

July 2014

  • Adding in Copyright and "Back to Top" links throughout site
  • Adding in new Pre-Season Picks part of the game. Make picks before the season starts and see how you finish up in the end.

May 2014

  • Adding in the 2014 season schedule! Get your picks GOING!

January 2014

  • Added in a Playoff feature for Weeks 18-21 for picking Playoff Winners (weekly or pick 'em).
  • Added in new Season Sign up feature.

Late December 2013

  • Badges added to identify special events and accomplishments that a user reaches. Check your profile to see what you may have earned!

Early December 2013

  • Ties added to team results.
  • Clean up of system after a WINNER has been declared for Pick 'Em.

November 2013

  • Trivia section added!